The Stroud District Council planning pages can be seen by clicking here.

Green divider The Planning Process

Almost all new buildings and many extensions and alterations to existing buildings, as well as the change of use of buildings, require Planning Permission from the District Council.

Copies of all planning applications received for Cam are sent to the Parish Council for comment. These are discussed at the monthly meetings of the Planning Committee, normally held on the Monday after Full Council .

The comments agreed by the Parish Council are relayed to the District Council, which must take them into consideration in reaching the formal decision.

Where the District's decision differs from the recommendation made by the Parish Council, the District must provide the Parish Council with reasons for its decision.

Green divider Who Grants Permission ?

The District Council delegates the power to assess planning applications to it's planning officers, in the majority of cases.

County Highways and the Parish Council are consulted, and neighbours of the application site notified.

District Ward councillors or Cam Parish Council planning committee may refer an application to Committee where they feel that greater discussion is needed.

Members of the public concerned about a particular application are advised to contact both the Parish Council and their District Ward councillor (details of Ward councillors available from Stroud District Council (