Full Council normally meets on the 1st Wednesday in each month at 6.30pm in the Council Shop (4 Noel Lee Way). (No meeting in August)

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DateMeeting TypeQuestion DeadlineDocumentsStatus 

All meetings of the Parish Council and its Committees are open to the public and press, although they may be excluded from certain items if it is in the public interest to do so. This includes employment matters, terms of tenders and negotiations for contracts, preparation of cases in legal proceedings and the early stages of any dispute.

Agenda for all meetings are posted on this website and at the Council Shop.

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DateMeeting TypeQuestion DeadlineDocumentsStatus 
12/07/2017Planning and Highways06/07/2017Agenda  
14/06/2017Planning and Highways08/06/2017Agenda  
21/09/2016Recreation and Leisure15/09/2016Agenda  
14/09/2016Planning and Highways08/09/2016Agenda  
17/08/2016Planning and Highways11/08/2016Agenda  
17/08/2016Full Council11/08/2016AgendaMinutes  
13/07/2016Planning and Highways07/07/2016AgendaMinutes  
13/07/2016Recreation and Leisure07/07/2016AgendaMinutes  
13/07/2016Recreation and Leisure07/07/2016AgendaMinutes  
06/07/2016Full Council29/06/2016AgendaMinutes  
22/06/2016Finance and General Purpose16/06/2016AgendaMinutes  
15/06/2016Planning and Highways09/06/2016AgendaMinutes  
08/06/2016Recreation and Leisure02/06/2016AgendaMinutes  
08/06/2016Recreation and Leisure02/06/2016AgendaMinutes  
01/06/2016Full Council26/05/2016AgendaMinutes  
25/05/2016Recreation and Leisure19/05/2016AgendaMinutes  
18/05/2016Planning and Highways12/05/2016AgendaMinutes  
11/05/2016Recreation and Leisure05/05/2016AgendaMinutes  
04/05/2016Finance and General Purpose28/04/2016AgendaMinutes  
04/05/2016Full Council28/04/2016AgendaMinutes  
20/04/2016Planning and Highways14/04/2016AgendaMinutes  
13/04/2016Recreation and Leisure03/04/2014Agenda  
06/04/2016Full Council03/03/2016AgendaMinutes  
30/03/2016Finance and General Purpose24/03/2016AgendaMinutes  
16/03/2016Planning and Highways10/03/2016Agenda  
09/03/2016Recreation and Leisure03/03/2016AgendaMinutes  
09/03/2016Recreation and Leisure03/03/2016AgendaMinutes  
02/03/2016Full Council25/02/2016Minutes  
17/02/2016Planning and Highways11/02/2016AgendaMinutes  
10/02/2016Recreation and Leisure04/02/2016Agenda  
10/02/2016Recreation and Leisure04/02/2016AgendaMinutes  
04/02/2016Full Council28/01/2016AgendaMinutes  
04/02/2016Full Council28/01/2016Minutes  
20/01/2016Planning and Highways14/01/2016AgendaMinutes  
13/01/2016Recreation and Leisure07/01/2016AgendaMinutes  
13/01/2016Recreation and Leisure07/01/2016AgendaMinutes  
06/01/2016Full Council31/12/2015AgendaMinutes  
06/01/2016Full Council24/12/2015Minutes  
16/12/2015Planning and Highways10/12/2015AgendaMinutes  
09/12/2015Recreation and Leisure03/12/2015AgendaMinutes  
02/12/2015Full Council26/11/2015AgendaMinutes  
02/12/2015Full Council04/11/2015AgendaMinutes  
18/11/2015Planning and Highways12/11/2015AgendaMinutes  
11/11/2015Recreation and Leisure05/11/2015AgendaMinutes  
04/11/2015Full Council29/10/2015AgendaMinutes  
04/11/2015Full Council29/10/2015AgendaMinutes  
21/10/2015Planning and Highways15/10/2015AgendaMinutes  
14/10/2015Recreation and Leisure08/10/2015AgendaMinutes  
07/10/2015Full Council01/10/2015AgendaMinutes  
07/10/2015Full Council01/10/2015AgendaMinutes  
16/09/2015Planning and Highways10/09/2015AgendaMinutes  
09/09/2015Recreation and Leisure03/09/2015AgendaMinutes  
02/09/2015Full Council27/08/2015AgendaMinutes  
02/09/2015Full Council27/08/2015AgendaMinutes  
19/08/2015Planning and Highways13/08/2015AgendaMinutes  
20/05/2015Planning and Highways14/05/2015AgendaMinutes  
29/04/2015Finance and General Purpose23/04/2015AgendaMinutes  
21/04/2015Full Council07/05/2015AgendaMinutes  
15/04/2015Planning and Highways09/04/2015AgendaMinutes  
14/04/2015Recreation and Leisure09/04/2015AgendaMinutes  
01/04/2015Planning and Highways26/03/2015AgendaMinutes  
01/04/2015Full Council27/03/2015AgendaMinutes  


All meetings of the Council and its Committees are minuted, with minutes normally approved at Full Council each month. Copies of Minutes for the last six months are available on this site. Copies of minutes of meetings previous to that are available from the Clerk at the Council shop. Copies of draft minutes may be available prior to approval, but members of the public are warned that these are subject to approval and hence could be amended.

Green divider Asking Questions

The Parish Council welcomes questions on local matters from members of the public.

How to put a question to the council

  • Questions may be raised with the Clerk, or
  • Questions to either the Council or its Committees can also be submitted in writing or by email. , or
  • Questions can be put in person during the 20 minute question time immediately before formal business at each Full Council meeting.

(For questions that may need to be researched the council recommends that they are submitted at least a week in advance)

The Annual Parish Meeting, usually held in April or May also provides a forum for electors to ask questions on any issue relating to the Parish.

Unfortunately, legislation prevents members of the public from speaking during a meeting, unless by invitation from the Chair.