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2010-11 Budget

Mid Term plan 10-11

2011-12 Budget

Precept Calculation

Budget at Nov 2012

2014 - 15 Budget Budget



Further details of budgets and accounts are available on request from the Parish Clerk.

Green divider Sources of Income

Cam Parish Council receives most of its income by way of a Precept upon the District Council, which then collects this funding through the Council Tax.

In addition, it receives income from such sources as allotment and grass keep rents, rent from the cafe and hire of facilities and contributions to grounds maintenance costs by users of facilities.

This income may be supplemented from time to time by specific funding, for example igrants for specific projects

Cam Parish Council's expenditure is divided into the following main sections:

Premises- includes rates, power, water, cleaning, maintenance, phone/broadband

Community Improvement - includes cost of Parish Handyman, contribution to Neighbourhood Warden scheme, support for youth work, grants, community events and other issues affecting the parish as a whole, such as the cost of elections

Recreation & Leisure - includes provision and maintenance of play areas and equipment, fotpaths, open spaces and allotments

Staff and service support costs - Including slaries/wages, PAYE and pension contributions, general insurance,audit and other fees, subscriptions, stationery, postage, office equipment